Powers says “You Can’t do a Mass Shooting Without a Gun” – DUH.

Ketch M’Canuwhile|MWFH’s

In a heated debate about gun control, Fox News political pundit Kirsten Powers expresses her views on the tragedy in Tucson and how gun ownership played a role in the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. When confronted with a variety of different scenarios of how someone who is hell bent on assassination, Ms. Powers, who always has that look of a deer in the headlights when sound reason and objectivity is put before her, quickly comes to the decision that it’s better to killed by a rampaging SUV, or even more outrageous, a bomb.

On a side note, what was interesting was when Hannity asked Powers if she ever shot an automatic weapon to which she declared that her father was the proud owner of over 30 guns. Careful Kirsten, you don’t want to get your Pop on a DHS watch list.