WikiLeaks aims a new target: McDonalds

JG Mason|Gadgetell

FDA investegator Chip Cuerva made these forshading statement, “when WikiLeaks exposes the “special sauce” we’re very interested to see if there is an addictive additive that we’ll need to reign in. This sauce could be the linch pin to unraveling the entire McDonalds conglomerate.”

While the US government mulls over it’s case against Julian Assange and WikiLeaks over exposed embarrassing State Department cables, WikiLeaks has moved on to exposing the truth of another giant in the world: restauranteur McDonalds.  McDonalds is the world’s largest food chain, serving over 58 million people every day from over 31,000 stores.  WikiLeaks has taken up the sword to expose the truth regarding the “special sauce.”

Why McDonalds?  From Wikipedia, “The Big Mac is known worldwide and is often used as a symbol of American capitalism.”  It seems in today’s socio-political climate, being American means being a target.

From a holding cell in Brussels, Assange made this statement, “The first ingredient of civil society is the people’s right to know, because without such understanding no human being can meaningfully choose to support anything. Knowledge is the driver of every political process, every constitution, every law and every regulation.”  “Today we add to that knowledge the ingredients that fuel the world largest corporate entity that far too many of rely on for sustenance – we’re exposing McDonald’s secret sauce.”

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