Wachovia OKs Christmas trees, Bank moves from ‘naughty’ to ‘nice’ for embracing holiday


Wachovia Bank’s Florida branches are now free to display Christmas trees, after the corporate headquarters “clarified” a policy instructing local branches to display poinsettias only.

The change in policy marks another victory for Liberty Counsel’s “Friend or Foe Christmas Campaign,” which fights against the censorship of Christmas celebrations.

The bank announced its new direction just hours after LC publicly placed Wachovia on its “naughty” list for banning Christmas trees. The change enables Wachovia to move to the “nice” column on LC’s annual “Naughty and Nice” list.

“It’s important to protect our heritage and our freedom,” LC President Mat Staver told WND.

If Americans “neglect” to defend their freedom to celebrate Christian holidays, that freedom will eventually be lost, Staver explained.

“The problem with allowing censorship in the public or private square is it eventually becomes a forced censorship,” warned Staver. “People are eventually told they cannot display Christmas trees or say ‘Merry Christmas.’ We must stop the erasing of our heritage.”

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