The link between obesity and national security was made earlier this year when “Let’s Move” launched, but now it’s being ratcheted up a notch.

Keeping our country safe will require a highly trained security force just to police and monitor school bake sales and rid them of BMDs (brownies of mass destruction).

Michelle |

There’s nothing like salivating over another industry takeover to make the left express concern for the military recruiting effort:

First Lady Michelle Obama plans to warn in remarks Monday that the nation is seeing “a groundswell of support” for curbing childhood obesity, and she is unveiling new ammunition from current and retired military leaders.

“[M]ilitary leaders … tell us that when more than one in four young people are unqualified for military service because of their weight,” the first lady says in prepared remarks, “childhood obesity isn’t just a public health threat, it’s not just an economic threat, it’s a national security threat as well.”

The first lady and President Barack Obama are making a rare joint speaking appearance on Monday, at Harriet Tubman Elementary School in Northwest D.C.’s Columbia Heights neighborhood, as he signs into law the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010.

This could prompt the San Francisco progressives to un-ban Happy Meals. “Join the military and kill innocent, oppressed and misunderstood human beings who only want their grievances addressed? Bring on the cheeseburgers, Ronald!”

The “Healthy, Hunger Free Kids Act” will probably soon join the “Quality, Affordable Health Care Act” in the Paradoxical Government Programs Hall of Fame.

Where’s the respect for the rights of the gravitationally challenged who want to serve their country? How about a military program like “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” for obese people — “See Flab, Don’t Blab” perhaps? Larger Americans are a put-upon bunch who are woefully disorganized when it comes to defending themselves against discrimination. Sure, there’s an inherent heart disease and diabetes risk, but now they’re almost as bad as terrorists? Heavy people unite! Somebody should do something fast before internment fat camps start sprouting up in North Dakota (for those who don’t have the wealth to afford the kind of place anti-capitalist Michael Moore checks himself into).

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