SecurityMask-Maker Rusty Slusser: Paint Job ‘Makes the Mask Look Like Real Skin’

ABC News

The staff at SPFX crafts their life-like, silicone disguises in a Van Nuys, Calif., workshop.

“With our masks, we’re trying raise the bar once again,” Slusser said. “We want to make things where they look absolutely real. It’s been a challenge to be able to do that, and it makes the customer happy.”

The company’s designers use a special silicone “designed to act like skin and look just like it, too.”

“Some of our paint jobs are multi-layer and we try to use every color we can,” Slusser said. “It makes the mask look like real skin.

“I wanted to bring something to the public that they couldn’t get anywhere — a Hollywood effect,” he added. “Becoming a tool for criminals was an unintended consequence.