Short goodnight expected for the DREAM Act during lame duck

By Mike Lillis|The Hill

Hatch has flipped on a number of issues, and has authored some incredibly controversial bills.

The DREAM Act — a priority of Democrats in both Congress and the White House — faces a difficult future in the lame duck. Even as Democrats in both chambers prepare to consider the measure this week, Republicans and centrist Democrats are already lining up to shoot it down. The climb is particularly steep in the Senate, where Republicans will filibuster the hot-button bill, and even former sponsors now stand in opposition. Sen. Orrin Hatch, for instance, was the lead sponsor of the original DREAM Act when it emerged nine years ago. But already facing pressure from conservatives surrounding his 2012 reelection bid, the six-term Utah Republican is “sprinting to the right” away from the proposal, according to Frank Sharry, executive director of America’s Voice, an advocacy group lobbying for the bill. “He’s not on any of our ‘get’ lists,” Sharry said. Read More Here