GOP leaders demand laws be constitutional

By Bob Unruh|WorldNetDaily

Under the GOP's rule, constitutional law may prevail over the progressive's agenda.

At the height of her campaigning for President Obama’s plan to nationalize health-care decision-making, outgoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi famously quipped, “Are you serious? Are you serious?” when asked about its constitutionality.

But that question won’t need to be asked in the coming Congress, where Republicans will hold the majority in the House, because of a rule being proposed by Speaker-designate John Boehner and other Republicans that would require those proposing legislation to cite the constitutional authority for the plan.

“The Pledge to America released by House Republicans in September of this year included a commitment to ‘require every bill to cite its specific constitutional authority.’ To implement this proposal, the Transition Team and the elected Republican leadership are recommending a change to standing Rules of the House to require that each bill or joint resolution introduced in the House be accompanied by a statement citing the specific powers granted to Congress in the Constitution to enact the proposed law,” said a memo from leadership to members of the House.

Much of the memo was posted online in David Weigel’s column on Slate, and staffers in the offices of several members of the incoming leadership team confirmed it to WND.

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