Swedish Creator of Mohammed Sketch Shrugs Off Blame After Stockholm Bombing

By Patrick Goodenough|CNSNews

Lars Vilks cartoon has created controversy, and enraged Islamic fundamentalists.

The Swedish artist who stoked controversy in 2007 with sketches portraying Mohammed as a dog responded to Saturday’s apparent suicide bombing in Stockholm, the first ever in the Nordic country, by shrugging off claims that he was to blame.

As expected, many people were blaming him for the terrorist attack, Lars Vilks wrote on his Web site Sunday. “Their logic is that one must be indulgent towards terrorists,” he added.

Anders Thornberg, head of security measures at the Swedish security service Saepo, said the two blasts in a busy shopping precinct were being investigated as a terrorist attack. Two people were injured when a car exploded and one man – suspected to be the bomber – was killed in a second blast nearby.

Minutes before the blasts, Saepo and by a Swedish news agency received emails containing sound files in which Swedes were condemned for supporting Vilks’ cartoons and for deploying troops in Afghanistan.

This scetch drawn by Lars Vilks has invoked violence from Muslims around the globe, but CAIR's response to Smithsonian's exhibit of Jesus was bland, saying the 1st amendment is first and foremost. Get a grip Islam.

“Now your children, your daughters and your sisters will die as our brothers, our sisters and our children are dying,” Swedish media outlets cited the message as saying.

An Islamist Web site posted a picture of one Taimour Abdulwahab al-Abdaly, saying he had “carried out the martyrdom operation in Stockholm,” according to the SITE Institute, which monitors radical Internet sites.

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