Air Guard strengthens stance for homeland defense, civil support


Preparing for civil unrest? Army National Guard and Air National Guard deployed during Katrina. Zip tie handcuffs at the ready.

WASHINGTON – The 2010 Domestic Operations Equipment Requirements conference prompted the Air National Guard to position itself to provide an even stronger stance for homeland defense and civil support missions, the National Guard Bureau’s director of plans and requirements said recently.

“This is how we morphed from our ‘Essential 10’ things that every state needs to have to respond to a natural disaster, except we are now talking with the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, using the same National Response Framework plan and the emergency support functions construct, putting everybody on the same page,” Air Force Col. Jon Mott said.

The finished product of the DOERs conference was the 2011 DOERs book, which is used to inform Air Force senior leadership what the ANG’s homeland defense and civil support requirements are, he said.

“This is a fiscally unconstrained look at whatever our requirements are,” Mott said. “It’s not an unfunded requirements request, it’s not a budget document … it documents what our requirements are from the field perspective.”

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