UN calls for regulation of Internet facing resistance


"We don't believe governments should be allowed to grant themselves a monopoly on Internet governance," said Cerf. Photo: AllVoices

Global censorship enthusiasts are calling for the UN to help establish a global body to police the internet. The enthusiasts include China and Saudi Arabia. Countries are citing the Wikileaks leaks as showing such regulation is needed. If anyone doubted the value of Wikileaks this should convince them.

There is nothing in the article about the position of the U.S. Surely the U.S. should come out swinging in favor of freedom of the internet. Somehow I doubt it will although surely it could do so even if just for good PR.

The UN wants to establish a working group that would include only government officials. The group would discuss international public policy with regards to the internet. Now that is a nice new Orwellian description for censorship of the Internet. Notice that the only stakeholders that matter are government officials who have a vested interest in shutting out information about their activities.

A number of privacy activists are opposed to the idea. However, Vint Cerf a high profile businessman and one of Google’s top employees also opposes the idea. Cerf helped develop the TCP/IP standard upon which the Internet operates. Cerf slammed the idea.

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