Profit Ties between Phony Terror Alerts, Airport Security and L-3 Communications

By Steve Scheetz|COTO Report

Since September 11, 2001, the US government has been operating with a demand for the understanding of the people. We, as part of this demand, are to allow certain limitations on our liberty in order to gain a certain level of security. But, given the questionable nature of what are likely exaggerated threats, coupled with Congressional enrichment from these expensive security technologies, the U.S. public is losing both liberty and security, as well as money.

Former director of Homeland Security Tom Ridge revealed details about how the terrorism alerts were used. Among other things, Ridge admits that he was pressured to raise the terror alert to help Bush win re-election in 2004. According to the Associated Press, “He said the episode convinced him to follow through with his plans to leave the administration; he resigned on Nov. 30, 2004.”

Now, since his election, President Obama has made sure that he could also utilize increased terror alerts for his own political ends. Indeed, on October 30, 2010, the president used terror scares involving packages on UPS flights that evidence is suggesting were fabricated. CNN reported:

“Investigators examined two UPS planes that landed at Philadelphia International Airport and another at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey, said Mike Mangeot, a UPS spokesman. Authorities later gave the ‘all-clear’ at the airport in Newark, U.S. and U.K. officials said.”

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