Environmental Weapons of War


Now that “Project Seal” has been declassified, (by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade), it can no longer be seen as just another wacky conspiracy theory. The New Zealand Herald reported several stories in 2000 that exposed military science researchers were developing weather control devices during World War II.

Nikola Tesla is said to have developed an earthquake machine. A device that could create vibrations that could cause a multiple story concrete building to collapse and the ground to vibrate such that a man could not stay on his feet.

The major purpose of developing environmental weapons at the time was definitely to win wars. Today the use of such environmental and weather control machines might be for more than winning military wars — for instance what about population control, political control, socio-economic control?

“Project Seal”, also called the ‘Tsunami Bomb’, was a top-secret wartime endeavor conducted in New Zealand during 1944-1945. This was at the time when the ALLIED AXIS was seeking a means to bring World War II to a quick and devastating end. Off the coast of Auckland (at Whangaparaoa) experiments took place, spawned by Auckland University Professor Thomas Leach’s research, to create a tidal wave bomb that could be used on the island of Japan.

It has been reported that the U.S. Defense Department believed that the project and environmental weapon of mass destruction was considered as a possible option to the atomic bomb. But the potentially devastating weapon was not ready, even after some 4,000 test explosions; by the time the A-Bomb was perfected and ready to facilitate the end of the war.

Tsunami creation for military or socio-economic purposes is not the only environmental weaponry that has been developed since the 1900’s.

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