Newly red Wisconsin pushes for AZ style illegal immigration law

Seeing Red AZ

Photo: S.G. MenWithFoilHats

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that an illegal immigration bill patterned after Arizona’s SB 1070 has been introduced into the legislative hopper.

“I want Wisconsin to be recognized as a state that will be on the side of Arizona,” said bill author Rep. Don Pridemore (R-Hartford).

Clearly not focusing on the costly problems associated with lawlessness, a spokeswoman for Democrat Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz said, “We’re proud to be a welcoming community.”

So are the vast majority of American citizens who draw the line at welcoming criminality. The United States has the most hospitable, legal pathway to citizenship of all industrialized nations.

Doing a spot-on imitation of a panelist on Arizona’s PBS Horizon’s “Journalist Roundtable,”  speaking in the well-honed language of Democratese, the mayor’s spokeswoman solemnly stated, “The new Republican majority needs to stay focused on jobs and economic development.”

The bill is already facing legal challenges from Milwaukee illegal immigrant-rights groups once it becomes law.

A government reformer, Governor-elect Scott Walker and his fellow Republicans who will control the Legislature have said their primary focus will be on creating jobs and solving a $3 billion, two-year budget shortfall without raising taxes. During the campaign Walker also said he would sign an Arizona-style immigration law.

The November 2 election marks the first time in 72 years that the control of state government shifted entirely from one party to the other, with Republicans now running the Legislature and a occupying the governor’s chair.

Even John McCain’s liberal Democrat cohort, Russ Feingold, was turned out of office by the aggravated and energized voters.