They Were bombs: Barack Obama confirms explosives found on UPS and FedEx planes are a ‘credible terrorist threat’

By David Gardner|Daily Mail

  • Ink cartridge with wires and circuit board sparks alert
  • Similar package seized from a plane in Dubai
  • Passenger aircraft escorted to JFK by F-15 fighters
  • Devices addressed to synagogues in Chicago
  • U.S. cranks up security, 16 packages tracked
  • Dubai police discovered parts of a computer printer with explosives loaded into its toner cartridge found in a package onboard a cargo plane coming from Yemen. A woman was this evening arrested in Yemen accused of posting the two bombs found on the planes. Photo:AP

    A terrorist bomb plot targeting Jewish houses of worship in Chicago has sparked a nationwide security scare.

    President Barack Obama said today that two packages from the Middle East that were intercepted on their way to the US contained explosives and represented ‘a credible terrorist threat.’

    With the mid-term elections looming on Tuesday, police and security agencies were on full alert amid fears of another attempted terror attack.

    ‘The American people should know that the counter-terrorism professionals are taking this threat very seriously and are taking all necessary and prudent steps to ensure our security,’ the president said.

    He confirmed that explosive material was discovered with two bomb packages found on a UPS plane in England and a Fedex facility in Dubai earlier today.

    Both devices were disguised as harmless print cartridges. But they had been tampered with to turn them into improvised bombs with wires and cell phone components as possible detonators. There were also traces of white powder.

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    Earlier, CNN’s Eliot Spitzer confronted radical Muslim cleric Iman Anjem Choudary who had this to say, which seemed lost on everyone not paying attention:

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