Obama to Jon Stewart: Obamacare ‘As Significant’ As Any U.S. Law Ever Passed, But Only First Step in Government Transformation of Health Care

By Terence P. Jeffrey|CNSNews

President Barack Obama told comedian Jon Stewart on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” yesterday that the health care reform bill he signed in March was as significant as any legislation ever enacted by the U.S. government, but that it was only an initial step toward an even greater transformation of the health-care system which he intends to achieve as president.

Obama made the remarks after Stewart suggested the president’s legislative agenda had been “timid.”

“Yet legislatively it has felt timid at times–that I’m not even sure at times what you want out of a healthcare bill,” said Stewart.

Obama countered by underscoring what he perceived to be the historical magnitude of his health-care legislation, and by pointing to what he believes is the path forward for an even more expansive government-driven transformation of the health-care industry.

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