Counties Vote to Opt-Out of Secure Communities

By Deport Nation

Tuesday marked what could be a historic turning point in efforts to opt-out of Secure Communities now that the process has been outlined by three high-level federal officials. The Board of Supervisors in Santa Clara County, California, kicked things off in the morning when they voted 5-0 on a resolution to “direct the County Executive and County Counsel to notify U. S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the California Department of Justice of the County’s opposition to participating in Secure Communities. ”

George Shirakawa Jr. over spent the county's budget and is wanting a bail-out.

“We are not here to do the job of ICE, ” said Supervisor George Shirakawa.

Dozens of onlookers gave the supervisors a standing ovation.

Across the country board members in Arlington County, Virginia, voted 5-0 on a similar opt-out measure:

The Arlington County Board wishes to discontinue participation in the Secure Communities program. The County Manager is directed to formally notify Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Virginia State Police of Arlington’s intent to withdraw from the program and to meet with representatives of both agencies to:

  1. Definitively outline the procedure and actions required for Arlington County to not participate in the Secure Communities program, and
  2. Identify the actions that would be required of Arlington County regarding notification to ICE of “suspected criminal aliens” once Arlington becomes a non-activated community.

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