The Left Just Wants You To Shut Up

By James G. Wiles|The Bulletin

Have you noticed how, both here and in Western Europe, Canada and elsewhere in the Anglosphere, liberals, progressives and the Far Left no longer want to debate? They just want conservatives to shut up. And so do the Islamists.

Mere silence will do.

What an odd alliance. If the Islamists ever took power in the West, the first people they’d go for would be the feminists and the gays. Yet, it’s conservatives who, somehow, are always portrayed as threatening to bring the dark night of fascism ringing down on America.

Islamism and illegal immigration are linked issues where the Left’s desire to deny free speech to the Right collides with the First Amendment to the Constitution. Other democratic nations, however, do not have such protection in their constitutions or Basic Law. Here’s what’s happening abroad under the guise of “hate-crime” laws:

In Canada, Bulletin columnist Mark Steyn and his Canadian publisher were dragged before two provincial “human rights” commissions because of statements Mr. Steyn made in Macleans, Canada’s largest-circulation magazine.

In England, conservative columnist and author Peter Hitchens has regularly had his books censored. Spectator and Times writer Rod Liddle lost a case before the Press Complaints Commission for reporting true facts about minorities. In Shakespeare’s sceptered isle, thanks to three successive Labour governments, the list of things you simply may not say – at pain of ostracism at the minimum and prosecution at the maximum – is long.

In Germany this week, the Bavarian state premier is being lambasted for calling for an end to Muslim immigration. A senior official of the Bundesbank was forced to resign last month for making similar comments in a book.

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