More than a dozen House Democrats now want Pelosi out as Speaker

Photo: The Daily Caller

By Jon Ward|The Daily Caller

There are now more than a dozen House Democrats – the list is at 14 and growing by the day – who want to fire Speaker Nancy Pelosi if their party somehow manages to keep its majority on Nov. 2.

Jason Altmire of Pennsylvania on Tuesday became the latest to decide that it was politically advantageous to jettison the first female House Speaker in history. It is becoming a trend, as vulnerable Democrats in conservative districts or tough races decide Pelosi’s San Francisco liberalism is too heavy of a weight to survive.

The vanguard of outright Pelosi opponents includes Jim Marshall of Georgia, who has even run TV ads against the Speaker, Gene Taylor of Mississippi, Mike McIntyre of North Carolina, Peter DeFazio of Oregon, and Bobby Bright of Alabama.

“We need to have leadership from the middle, conservative centrist leadership. It’s too hard to govern from the middle if you’re from the far left or the far right,” Marshall spokesman Doug Moore told The Daily Caller.

Other House Democrats who have refused to commit to supporting Pelosi – indicating they too would like to see a change – include Walt Minnick of Idaho, Michael McMahon of New York, Scott Murphy of New York, Travis Childers of Mississippi, Dan Boren of Oklahoma, Joe Donnelly of Indiana, Zack Space of Ohio, and Chet Edwards of Texas.