‘This footage is unique, because Taliban-Pakistan tries to conceal such images’

By Drew Zahn | WorldNetDaily

Image of woman, seated, wearing hood, about to be stoned in smuggled cell-phone video

A graphic new video, captured on cell phone and released through an Arabic TV station, has been translated and brought to English-speaking audiences, demonstrating for the first time the brutality of public stonings in the Taliban-controlled areas of Pakistan.

News footage of the video was first broadcast by the United Arab Emirates-owned Alaan TV then translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute, which claims to monitor more than 100 Arabic and Farsi TV channels.

“This footage is unique, because Taliban-Pakistan tries to conceal such images,” reports the Alaan TV anchor. “They know that images of the stoning of a woman should not be made public, because they might cause a rift between the movement and its supporters. As far as we know, this is the first time anyone has obtained footage of a woman being stoned by Taliban-Pakistan.”

According to the report, the woman was stoned for the crime of “being seen with a man.”

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The MEMRI-translated video can be seen below: