Video of UFOs flying over New York

Environmental Aliens ? Or Mylar Balloons?

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Funny day for New Yorkers! High over Manhattan, thousands of passers-by saw three shiny, floating objects. In Chelsea neighborhood, people simply stopped in the middle of the sidewalks and stared at the sky, trying to figure out what was going on.

While some of them made jokes, claiming it was Superman, Superwoman, or space ships that were trying to get to the mother ship, others took things more seriously and thought they might have been actual UFOs. Either way, it would be for the first time that UFOs appear in broad daylight.

The unidentified flying objects were even caught on tape and you can see dozens of people gawking at them. As expected, the 311 help line was flooded with phone calls about the strange object. City officials weren’t able to provide a reasonable answer though, but think they were some sort of balloons.

Our bet is on the balloons