Us and Them And After All We’re All Just Ordinary Men….

The National Pulse

Recently the Anti-Defamation League attacked Roger Waters, the creative musical genius of the rock band Pink Floyd with allegations of anti-Semitism. The anti-Defamation League is a Zionist support group. They act as thought police, identifying dissenting opinions in service to the New World Order Zionists and the international banking cartels as they team together with other oppressive forces to subjugate humanity.

Their ruse is an old one- they claim to help all minorities, but basically, they help their favorite, most powerful minority on the planet, Zionists. To do this, they accuse dissenters of attacking all Jews.

Aggressive imperialistic Judaism, or Zionism, is staunchly defended in today’s world by the established elite. They backstop their aggression by continually pointing out their minority status as an historically persecuted race of people. Though many genocides, atrocities, and injustices have occurred since World War II; the Holocaust is, by comparison, the most decried genocide ever in the history of the world. Every minute statistic and gross detail of Nazi inhumanity is repetitively drilled into the brains of every American child throughout their academic career.

There are over 20 Holocaust museums in the United States even though the U.S did nothing to help the Jews of Germany in the lead up to World War. Still today, the Zionists terrorize the Palestinian people in their homeland, and continue to be an integral force in consolidating the New World Order. Currently, Zionist forces in both the Israeli and U.S. Government are trying their hardest to provoke a third World War with Iran, a peaceful country.

Editors Note: While we differ on opinions of Iran, MWFH’s thanks ‘The National Pulse’ for listing us as an source for alternative news.

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