Day: October 5, 2010

Caught Redhanded? | Beck and Staffers Get News From Infowars says Alex Jones

Glenn Beck repackages Alex Jones’ ideas Prison Planet Conservative talk-show host Glenn Beck kicked off his “Restoring America” tour in New Jersey to a modest crowd of around 700 people. And, it has now come to light that Glenn Beck and his staff listen to Alex Jones’s radio show for ideas. What does Jones think about a big star from the highest rated cable news network using his ideas? Well, he isn’t honored. Jones explained that Glenn Beck uses his ideas and repackages them in a way that pulls away from true libertarianism and the constitution. Beck uses his...

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Military Intelligence Program “Able Danger” Linked to 9/11 Cover-Up

As for retaliation against Shaffer who said he lost his security clearance as a result of speaking out about Able Danger, Lapan said “The investigation found that DIA officials did not reprise against LTC Shaffer, in either his civilian or military capacity, for making disclosures regarding Able Danger or, in a separate matter, for his earlier disclosure to the DIA IG regarding alleged misconduct by DIA officials that was unrelated to Able Danger.”

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