Stephen Colbert to Testify in Washington Today

Colbert said on "Good Morning America" Thursday he's excited about his trip to the Hill. "The main reason I'm testifying before Congress is to get that CSPAN 1 bump for my ratings," he said. "I hope it's CSPAN 1. If it's CSPAN 2, I've been lied to."

By Lyneka Little|The Wall Street Journal

Comedy Central humorist Stephen Colbert is set to testify before a House subcommittee on immigration at 9:30 a.m. today. Yes, you heard that right. Colbert is scheduled to appear alongside United Farm Workers President Arturo Rodriguez, whose group initiated a campaign called “Take Our Jobs” that challenged U.S. citizens to replace immigrants in farm work. On last night’s edition of “The Colbert Report,” Colbert took the challenge, packing corn and picking beans to see if he could handle farm labor. As it turns out, he really can’t.

You can see the clip here

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