President Obama blasted Republicans today for blocking new laws that would force the backers of negative campaign ads to disclose who exactly is paying for them.

By David Jackson | TheOval

If President Obama and Washington Democrats are truly focused on creating jobs, we should take action immediately to cut government spending and stop all of these impending tax hikes.

“A partisan minority in Congress is hoping their defense of these special interests and the status quo will be rewarded with a flood of negative ads against their opponents,” Obama said in his Saturday morning radio address. “It’s a power grab, pure and simple. They’re hoping they can ride this wave of unchecked influence all the way to victory.”

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., noted that this is the second time in four weeks that Obama has devoted his radio address to a “partisan campaign bill,” even as the economy struggles.

“By focusing on that partisan effort to rig the fall elections rather than the stagnant economy, Democrats are proving once again that the jobs they care about most are their own,” McConnell said.

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