Back in February, President Obama was criticized for saying “you don’t blow a bunch of cash on Vegas” in tough economic times. He also commented in a townhall meeting that corporations shouldn’t use federal bailout money for trips to Las Vegas.

"You don't blow a bunch of cash on Vegas" in tough economic times.

By Trish LaMonte |

A Republican Congressman from Colorado is accusing the U.S. Census Bureau of sending 140 administrators on a “vacation” to Las Vegas in August “at taxpayer expense.”

Steve Jost, Associate Director for Communications for the Census Bureau, told CBS4 in Denver that the purpose of the trip was to discuss “lessons learned” from the 2010 census, to identify operation improvements and cost efficiencies. Similar trips were planned for managers from the Census Bureau’s 11 other regional offices.

According to CBS4’s investigation, the trip for 140 administrators from 10 southwestern states cost about $100,000 in airfare, meals and accommodations at the Treasure Island hotel and casino.

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