James David Manning, an Harlem pastor is gearing up for what appears to be a “mock” trial set for early spring 2010.

By Ketch M’Canuwhile
Men With Foil Hats

One of his stunning accusations is that the president was an CIA operative during the Soviet/Afgan war. Other details include that during the president’s educational career, Michelle Obama, prior to their marriage, conspired to keep Obama’s questionable citizenship records hidden from view.

JDM has been an outspoken critic of Obama since the 2008 presidential campain, and has appeared on the Fox News network several times. During which he commented that “Obama has the cadence of an Islamic person”, and the immorality of Obama’s out of wedlock birth.

JDM attended one of first “birther” events, and continues the question of Obama’s actual birthplace. He has made some astounding predictions such as that there will be a “backlash” from the caucasion populace which will include riots.