You Can’t Own Them So Why Can They?
Author: Bradley Bourn

The link is the IRS’s acquisition request for 60 Remington 870 police shotguns (all tricked out, and by my estimation would go for $1200 apiece on the market).  As you can see the shotguns are going to “Investigative Units” within the IRS.

Why do they need them?  The Federal Protective Service already provides security for the IRS building.  And, if my memory serves me right, tax violations are handled by the Justice Department at the IRS’ bidding.  So why does the IRS need 60 sawed off shotguns?

My assessment of this purchase is: Shotguns are more effective and destructive at close ranges than handguns and are used to great effect in Close Quarters Combat (CQB) in urban operations, say clearing rooms or fighting “door to door”.  Home defense is what we regular folk think a shotgun is good for, but I do not believe “defense” is the application the IRS has in mind.

The telling fact here: the IRS is ordering shotguns with 14-inch barrels, something you, the regular everyday citizen of this once-great country cannot own because of the Federal Firearms Act of 1968.  We the People are restricted to barrel lengths of 18 inches or longer. The United States Government (USG) does not want you to own a shotgun with a 14 inch barrel because its makes the shotgun easier to wield in homes, as they become as “handy” as handguns. Of course the plan for the IRS shotguns is to be used in homes, but not the homes of the “investigative units”, and not for defense. They’ll be used in your homes, and not you, but against you, should you not account for, and report, every penny properly that has crossed your path in the previous year. And even if they are never used against We the People, the “intimidation effect” has been served well enough.

You don’t think is a big deal?  Then please read further.  The tragic story that is now a part of the history of our Republic, should help you understand why this is important to you right here, right now.

Some of you may remember “Ruby Ridge”.  If not, here’s the skinny.  In the late summer of 1992, three hundred federal agents in camo, face paint and all, fielding weapons of war, descended upon the family home of Randy and Vicki Weaver in response to a federal snitch’s accusation that Randy sawed off his shotgun to 17.75 inches.  Because of that terrible crime against the federal government, they first shot the family dog, a male golden retriever named Striker, who ran down the valley to see what was going on.  The Weaver’s 14 year old boy, Samuel, who was following Striker with a rifle (hoping the dog was scaring up some meat); instead found himself involved in a firefight with federal agents.


Sam’s arm was shot off (again Samuel was a 14 YEAR OLD BOY), then he was shot in the back…murdered, while running back home to his Mom and Dad.  A family friend, Kevin Harris, was also shot, I believe in the arm, but made it back to the house. Samuel was shot in the back. Please take the time to ponder that. To put this in perspective, Soldiers of our once great Republic have been wrongly court-martialed for shooting terrorist, enemy combatants, in the back during major fire fights. Those terrorist weren’t running home to Mom, they were running to get a better position of which to kill our Soldiers from. Again, Samuel was a 14 year old AMERICAN boy on American soil.

Vicki Weaver, with her baby on her hip, was then shot in the face by a fed sniper, Lon Horiuchi, while holding the door open for Kevin.  Randy had to clean Vicki’s brain matter off his crying baby.  VICKI WAS THE NURSING MOTHER OF THEIR BABY, Elisheba. Vicky was not carrying a firearm, she was carrying her baby. Randy was later shot under the armpit (by Lon) as he was checking on his son’s body in the woodshed.

As a reminder, all of this federal power was brought to bear on the Weaver family because of an ATF violation of a “law” that says a citizen of this country cannot own a shotgun that has a barrel less than 18-inches.  The snitch, Frank Kumnick, was “employed” by the ATF for over three years, and during that entire time was trying to “get something” on Randy.  He repeatedly asked Randy to saw off a shotgun for him.  Finally, because he needed the money, Randy gave in and sawed Kumnick’s shotgun a 1/4-inch shorter than the legal limit.

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