Latest reported calls for “Call Congress: Stop the EPA’s Backdoor Cap and Trade Scheme”

In the wake of last year’s “endangerment finding,” the EPA now has the authority to regulate carbon dioxide under the Clean Air Act. But the Clean Air Act was designed to address specific pollutants, and its sweeping one-size-fits all regulation was not meant to address carbon dioxide.

To prevent a major power grab by unelected government bureaucrats, Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) has introduced a resolution of disapproval to keep the EPA from moving forward on its own while Congress continues to debate the issue.

Please TAKE ACTION by calling Congress and asking your Senators to support the Murkowski Resolution. We see this pending vote as THE major vote on cap and trade in 2010. We need to hold our senators accountable on this vote.

The resolution by Sen. Murkowski makes a lot of sense, especially as the nation struggles to boost economic growth and create new jobs. The economic effects of new EPA regulations could be devastating, slowing the economy and sending more jobs overseas. With our economy in a slump and continuing unemployment, America cannot afford the added costs of more regulations and new energy taxes. Support the Murkowski Resolution!

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