Day: February 18, 2010

Man Angry at IRS Crashes Plane into Office

(CBS/AP) Joseph Stack Kills Self, 1 Other in Fiery Crash; Leaves Behind Rambling Anti-Tax Diatribe A software engineer furious with the U.S. tax agency plowed his small plane into an office building housing nearly 200 federal tax employees on Thursday, officials said, setting off a raging fire that sent workers fleeing as thick plumes of black smoke poured into the air. Emergency crews have found two bodies in the wreckage. At least 13 people were injured, two critically. Austin Fire Department Battalion Chief Palmer Buck said late Thursday that authorities “have now accounted for everybody,” but declined to discuss...

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The Police State: Caught Red-Handed (Part 1)

As tensions grow concerning the Tea Party movement, it is plausible that government officials would indeed try to infiltrate a group and create a atmosphere of rebellion and anarchy to discredit law abiding citizens with their right of free assembly. This video is an example of such an occurence....

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Greece or California: Who’d You Rather Be?

California’s economic woes can do more damage to America’s recovery than Greece’s can do to Europe’s. Yet which of the two may be getting a bailout? By Harold Meyerson If I were the governor of California, cursed with an insoluble budget crisis, and if I had asked the federal government for help and been rebuffed, and if I hailed from Europe and noticed that the European Union had agreed — in principle at least — to bail out Greece, I might be mumbling, “Vut gives?” When Greece (a charming though relatively piddling land) comes calling in Brussels, it gets...

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